Intersangha Working Group on Sexual Misconduct (Ongoing Project)

Members from our community will be meeting once a month (for the new few months) to form a working group in attempt to define sexual misconduct and how we can formulate a timely protocol for when a situation may arise. The Intersangha wants to hire a 3rd party facilitator to help us coordinate and construct a system to address these issues, especially as our greater community grows and grows. Before that, we need to come together and set our goals and intentions in order so we can continue to provide safe spaces to all who seek refuge!

Each meeting will have a volunteer moderator present to keep conversation clear, concise, and safe. 

All are welcome to this working group. The more voices and perspectives, the better. If you feel called, PLEASE COME!

The first meeting will be held on Saturday June 23 11-12:30 at 4th Dimension Sober Club. 

Other future meetings are TBD. Any further questions can be asked in the comments.