Working Group Notes from August 25: What is the Process?

The purpose of this meeting is to continue to develop our shared language, understanding and awareness of sexual misconduct so that we can intentionally create the community that we want within RR.

During this working group we felt like we were in a comfortable position with our work to begin the difficult and tedious conversation about process: What do we do when something happens? Who do you talk to first? How many people get involved? Is there an order of operations to discern the situation in a safe way? Many good ideas were brought forward and were organized into two columns being "Lesser" offenses and "Greater" offenses. The "Lesser" and "Greater" categories were in reference to the spectrum of behaviors you can find from previous posts. So according to what behavior is reported to a secretary or Intersangha member, what would happen next? This is a huge question we face in our community: What Happens Next?

The next meeting will be a continuation of this conversation. We will be doing some research to see how similar communities operate - what are their sexual misconduct policies? Is there a warning system? Consequences? etc..

Our work is just getting started! Hope you join us for this important conversation. Next meeting info can be found below.

Be well and much Metta!


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Next up...

Please join us at the next one on September 22!

Working Group Notes from August 11: A Culture of Safety

At our last meeting we touched on the topic of CONSENT and how a positive culture for our community naturally grows from the positive and respectful behaviors put forth by those leading it. Sticking to our group agreements, we discussed all the levels of human contact that happen within recovery communities and how they may be harmful and wrongly viewed regardless of an honest and pure intention. Among other things, we also talked about personal boundaries, sending and receiving a "Respectful NO", respecting each other's autonomy, and the plays of power and privilege. Ultimately, we are focused on creating a CULTURE OF SAFETY for our sangha and the work we've been doing the last four months is most dedicated to that.

We will be compiling a list of some guiding principles that are specific to the topic of sexual misconduct and discussing further how to better share our wise intentions with members joining us in our meetings, online, and during workshops. We have also agreed to arrange a document about the work our community has been doing on this to share with the greater RR community! Our meetings have been focused, productive, and ultimately important for the future growth of not only our local sangha, but our national one as well. Stay Tuned!

Be well and much metta, 



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Please join us at the next one on August 25!