New Women's Meeting Info

Starting Tuesday September 11, the Women's meeting is moving to the Alano Club of Portland in NW Portland. Every week we will now be meeting on Tuesdays rather than Wednesdays. You will find us in the Loft at the Alano Club. The time stays the same 7pm-8:15pm!

Our women's meeting welcomes women, trans women/femme, genderqueer and non-binary persons. Attendees only need to identify as women in a way that’s significant to them. 💕

See you there xo

Womens Meeting Info.jpg

RR Mentorship Program

This document has been a collaborative effort on behalf of our sangha members to organize a thorough and detailed approach to mentoring. There is so much amazing information for both the mentor and mentee in this packet. A combination of information from the book, definitions, criteria, and common sense wisdom! It will certainly inspire and inform the next wave of the RR mentorship processes and we are happy to share it with every single RR community!

Other communities are welcome to take this document and edit it for their own use! We are not attached to this document. Read it. Change it. Burn it. Whatever you need from it, it's YOURS. It's for EVERYONE. 

Much Metta + Enjoy!