Women's Meeting: New Year's Day Meditation!

Hello my PDX Ladies!!!! Our Women's meeting is continuing tomorrow evening at the Alano Club at the usual time 7pm 💜 Looking forward to seeing you all and guiding my sisters through meditation on New Year's Day!

Hope everyone has a beautiful and safe New Year's Eve tonight. Reach out to your people. Set intentions. Share the love. Let's leave this rollercoaster year behind us with peace and respect!
Looking forward to this Sangha's future growth and success in 2019 🙏

With ease and love, 


Holiday Meetings + Closures

Holiday Meetings (3).jpg

Hello Sangha,

This year the holidays fall on Mondays and Tuesdays so here is the list of meetings that will be operating. This is subject to changes and additional meetings so stay tuned!

Monday Night - Dharma Rain

Dec 24 Xmas Eve - Open -In the Zendo!

Dec 31 New Year’s Eve - Closed

Monday Night - Heart of Wisdom

Dec 24 Xmas Eve - Open

Dec 31 New Year’s Eve - Open

Tuesday Night Meetings for Dec 25 + January 1

Vancouver - Christmas Day - Closed / New Year’s Day - Closed

Beaverton - Christmas Day - Closed / New Year’s Day - Closed

Women’s Meeting - Christmas Day - Closed / New Year’s day - Open

Dec 25 - 2nd Annual Holiday Potluck with Anna + Jean

“December 25th is headed your way!  Anna and Jean are hosting the second annual Refuge Holiday Pot Luck. Open house from 1:00- 6:00 PM. Anna and Jean will be providing the turkey and ask that everyone bring a dish to share.  Jean’s got the lead on organizing this extravaganza :) so please email her at jean@refugerecovery.org for all of the details.  All are welcome!!!”

Hope everyone finds warmth, peace, and ease this holiday season!

Love xo Stephanie

Our 20th meeting!!!!! Morning refuge in Vancouver, WA

Starting Saturday, December 1 there is a new morning meeting running in Vancouver WA!


9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Choice Wellness Center

1610 C street Suite 102
Vancouver, WA 98663

Looking forward to seeing all the early bird friends there!

This is a topic meeting focused on the Eightfold Path. We will begin with 20 minute meditation, followed by reading about the path and sharing (if comfortable) about the topic as it relates to your recovery.