Meeting News

Art + Recovery - Pink Cloud Project @ Taborspace on Wednesday Nights!!

A member of RR PDX, Keely, has started an art + recovery event taking place on Wednesdays at Taborspace. This is the perfect way to spend a Wednesday night with other folks in recovery and in place of an RR meeting, since we don’t have but one happening on this night of the week! Please click the link below for the meeting specifics on the group’s MeetUp page!

Everyone has an inner child within them who wants to play, express, splatter, and gunk up the glue stick. Let this be the place where your creative inhibitions run free and you can meet other like minded friends on their recovery journey through the therapeutic process of art making.

We will primarily focus on art journaling because I truly believe it is a powerful tool to anyone, but especially to those adjusting to sobriety and reclaiming a new life in recovery.

Art journals are your own private, portable companion. Join us as we explore and expand on our understanding of the uses and benefits of art journaling. A main theme and prompt will carry us through our art making as we create independently. Throughout history people have talked in circles while using their hands, let us bring forth this tradition while opening our hearts and minds. I think of this as a fun recovery meeting for your inner child!

Makers, artists, gardeners, chefs, mothers, and anyone who has ever caressed a colored pencil with a twinkle in your eye or danced a paintbrush across the paper as you lifted into a daydream - this group is for you!

RefCon 5 in Chicago! July 12-14, 2019


Buddha, Dharma and a whole lot of Sangha will be happening in July at the Refuge Recovery Fifth Annual Conference in CHICAGO! We’ll be meditating, workshopping, hanging with the sangha and doing some RR business. Can’t wait to see you there!


July 12-14, 2019


July 12th registration starts at 4 PM and the program goes from 7 PM on Friday July 12th to 1 PM on Sunday, July 14th.


University of Illinois – Chicago
750 S. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60607


On May 16th, 2019 the registration fee goes up to the standard $125.

RR Hiking Club Coming Soon!

Exciting news! A member from the Portland Sangha is creating the Refuge Recovery Hiking Club and our first hike will be this April. There will be hikes every month - for now its looking like the 2nd Saturday of every month for longer hikes. There is possibility of also having shorter weekday hikes on Tuesday or Thursday.

To stay up to date, please make sure you are signed up for the newsletter! (scroll down to the bottom of this page) Info about the first scheduled hike will be coming soon.

There will also be a Hiking Committee forming made from a few representatives from different meeting groups to keep meetings in the loop, plan hikes and stay organize locations/carpooling details. If you are interested in joining this committee please email:

Hope you’re as excited as we are!!

Hiking Club coming soon.jpg